Asteroids buzzing our entitlements.

Published on: 2/9/2011

Internet brings bad news to Village Square.

Outside all is white with snow. Spring is invisible underneath, for us optimists.


Today a new day starts. It started earlier during the the awakening.


Reality is more cozy in the rising—anticipating that cup of coffee. Rising?  Will the rising sun be visible this morning? Today is the important present for the billions of us on the earth.


Some will kill. Others will die as a result. What are a few killings in terms of billions? What will the asteroids do to our death rate?


Russians claim that a big asteroid is coming our way and will destroy the earth but not today. So I won't cancel today's luncheon meeting. But in 2029, perhaps no lunch nor Social Security. By-the-way, can't Wall Street turn Social Security into some kind of high paying derivative?


Asteroids buzzing all around us. Russians will try to nudge this one away. Good. How about nudging social entitlements, if it works with asteroids. Oh. They are trying to nudge them in Washington.


Advertising for those with too much debt, still going strong. Any solutions for our national debt in additon to taking abortions off of Obamacare. How much will that reduce the debt? Will that stop the law-makers from buzzing around our social entitlements?


Say Doc, I feel a little uncomfortable near my entitlement. Oh. Of course, treat that with that important first cup of morning coffee. Did you hear that dear, and a daily glass of wine in the evening?


I would think that trouble with entitlements will affect the price of coffee in Brazil. Isn't that where coffee comes from at least until 2029? One-hundred years ago the stock market fell apart. Twenty-nine is a bad number but not a bad age. But coffee at 29 or 92, that's important.


How about raising retirement and entitlement age to 92. Who is going to hire me until 92? With that wisdom, I should get at least six figures, maybe seven and just think how much I'd be paying into entitlements.


So the Russians are beating us again—landing on an asteroid. Don't forget your mittens. And don't forget them here in Shorewood today either. And bring the the coffee thermos.


Maybe social security can pay us in coffee beans instead of the real ones? What do you think Brazil? Coffee beans instead of derivatives?


That would destroy Wall Street. Not again? All my pension money is there or wherever it is. Where did they place pension money before Wall Street?


Oh-- among the money changers.  No wonder Jesus was displeased with them. Didn't they know about derivatives?  Only shekels?  What about wampum?  Oh. That was a form of derivative.


Well today, it's declining entitlements, disappearing coffee beans and this new disease, Doc, buzzing asteroids?