Shorewood DPW Shoutout ---- They RULE !!!

Shorewood DPW RULES, Only one night snow emergency for Shorewood, SHWD DPW WORKERS do Great Work

The storm we just went through was a true test of MIlwaukee and Suburbs of their snow handling capabilities.

Happy to say, everyone passed with flying colors --- the folks on all the DPW crews deserve a big pat on the back for a job well done.

Perhaps standing on the Gold Medal platform is the Shorewood DPW.

By mid-afternoon on Wednesday, Shorewood was able to declare an end to the snow emergency, because of the fine work SHWD DPW did.

I noticed on TV last night, that almost all of our neighboring suburb friends were carrying the snow emergency over Wednesday night into Thursday.

Thank you SHWD DPW WORKERS for the job you did, and letting Shorewood folks get back to normal night time parking on Wednesday night, due to your efficient and diligent efforts.

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