Published on: 2/3/2011



Our hearts today are with the people of Egypt, a people who seek a peaceful democracy and who must today experience the evil and the violence always hidden within the personality of tyranny.


Rather than withdraw in peace and easily make possible the heritage of his people and that of the territory to which he refers to as his country, the tyrant prefers to expose the evil of his inner self, publicly spilling that venom on the people of Egypt.


Of course, now he will achieve his wish to die in Egypt. His death will no longer be a peaceful one. It might have been possible for him to live in Egypt for his remaining years. Now he has chosen the violent death that most tyrants chose.


It is unfortunate that many others must also die in achieving the freedom they seek for their country and in that violence perhaps lose the opportunity to establish the democracy that might have brought about their freedom.


The battle for freedom also has the potential to produce its own tyranny. Let's pray that the result will be what the people seek, a true democracy.