Jounal Sentinel gives additional proof to 'social madness theory.'

Published on: 1/28/2011

Is society really mad?


Missionary killed fleeing Mexican gunmen. Filibuster, super majority rule overhaul falls short of goal.


Illinois high court confirms Emanuel residency; name to remain on ballot. Sandbar piano meant as art.


Poverty rate could move jobs to suburbs.


Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance will pay $4.9 billion in dividends this year. Close to record-high profit-sharing checks paid out to Landish Co. employees Thursday.


National unemployment rate remains at about 9.5%. Unemployment among the richest the same as among the penniless. Who said we have two separate economies—one for the capitalists and one for the desperate?


Careful regulation of banks and tougher regulator questioning might have prevented financial crisis. Really?


Raw material prices rising, therefore P&G and Colgate expect higher shelf prices. Briggs & Stratton experiences refinancing costs. As are those being foreclosed on.


Stocks rise, but not very much. The poor should be alerted. Kenosha hit by Abbott job layoffs. Do layoffs really produce profits and rising stock prices?


U.S, Rep. Paul Ryan confluences two years to get at 84% increase in spending claim. What? A politicians stretching the truth? Catapult launches marijuana over border. Some guys will do anything.   U.S. Consular employee shoots and kills two gunmen. Bomb strikes funeral, killing 48 in Baghdad.


In New Zealand: “I can't believe someone took my cat and neutered him.” She (owner) was furious. I can”t exactly get someone to sew them back on” for breeding. Were the jewels returned, in a package as well or what?


And there you have it. Some of it for today, anyway. What do you think of it, Leonardo?  Does it all seem mad?  Or is this normal?