Published on: 1/27/2011



Human beings appear to be the only creatures to draw straight lines. And if we are not, we are the only ones who can cross one line with another and create a more complicated form, the 90 degree angle.


The sign of humans up until now are the boxes that have been created by straight line drawing and the angles they create.


Many creatures need to communicate. But human beings need to go way beyond the design of boxes that contribute to communication. They need to describe straight lines and angled forms.


Therefore, they need to contemplate and understand meaning and go beyond mere thought to communicating their contemplations and their meanings.


Other creatures also chatter and even communicate through chatter, signs and dance. But human beings need to contemplate and describe their contemplations.


These sounds and signs often go into meaningless chatter and the boxes produced now become themselves only a type of physical chatter, a condition of trembling excitement.


But beyond chatter, straight lines and organization are questions that arise with experience. There are those raised by individuals and those often answered by groups. Group answers bring a social peace and develop as culture or at the opposite end war, another form of culture.


But the worthy thoughts that seem to advance humanity beyond straight lines and mere chatter are the individual contemplations that raise us beyond mere creatures.


These very words here can be placed along side what we describe as chatter. Today, not so much straight lines, angles and contemplation but the chatter of birds and mere trembling twitter.