Dear Governor Walker --- If you Really Want to Help Small Businesses in Wisconsin ...................

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If you run a small business (as I do)  --- I mean really small, like less than 5 employees, you are probably a jack of all trades --- you are the HR Dept, the Operations Mgr, the Collections Dept, the Accounts Payable Dept, etc ............. in other words, you preform a whole lot of duties that have nothing to do with your core business.

Governor Walker has been putting a lot of talk to "helping small businesses --- to help create jobs".

I can't quite keep track of whatever his current plan is --- he started out by saying there would be a tax credit for businesses with fewer than 50 employees, who did a new hire --- then he changed that to small businesses with less than $500,000 in revenue (btw - needs a definition of what revenue means in this context) --- and in the latest reincarnation I read, it talked about a tax "Deduction" --- not a tax "Credit".

In either case --- news flash to Walker --- if you aren't making a lot of money, and in this economy it is not easy --- neither a credit or deduction will help. 

Of course if you want to talk about a "Refundable Tax Credit" of say $5,000 per new hire who works x% over the course of a year, at a minimum of x$ per annualy payroll earnings, you might get my attention !

In any case, I just hired a new employee, and he asked me about the Walker Tax Credits for small businesses, wondering if that was going to help our company?

I told him that the last time I closely studied Walker's proposal --- and that was several re-incarnations ago --- I figured it would be worth about $114.   And that for $114, I would probably spend more time figuring it out and filing for it, than it would be worth.  Better to spend that time in sales or operations, and actually enhancing the business.

Now for a Radical New Idea for Mr Walker  (because I would really like to see him do something that would actually help small businesses) --- how about making some changes in the way the State of WI works with Small Businesses.

Don't give us any Money --- or Tax Credits or Deductions --- Just Let Us Do Our Jobs in Our Core Businesses !!!

I know, Governor Walker, that you are re-organizing the Commerce Dept into a "public-private" entity to help bring business to Wisconsin.  And forgive me if I am a little skeptical about anything you do to "privatize" government --- you have to admit your track record there is not very good --- like changing the courthouse security from Public Employees to Private Employees.  It turns out you saved all of about $75,000 --- and now that it has been determined that you did not do it correctly, the County is going to have to spend over $400,000 to fix your mistake.

So, to get to the point of how you can help Small Businesses without privatizing or promising tax breaks (which would not help our deficit) ............  HOW ABOUT STREAMLING HOW SMALL BUSINESS WORKS WITH THE STATE !!!

Right now, if I am starting a small business, and I want to hire employees, I have to deal with the following:

*Department of Financial Institutions

*Department of Revenue

* Department of Workforce Development

* Department of Commerce

I have to register with each entity separately, and each entity wants to assign me their own special account number, and then of course I need a pin number for each agency, etc.

My Proposal would be to have ONE  Agency for Small Business, that would handle all the functions for Small Business.  And instead of having a separate account number for each agency, how about just using the number the IRS assigns --- FEIN --- that is a unique number that everyone could use.

And while you are at it, Governor Walker --- how about passing a bill that requires all the different municipalities to do the same on the local level in working with Small Businesses --- for instance in Shorewood, opening a small business involves dealing with many different departments, such as the Village Clerk, the Planning Commission, the Design Commission, the DPW, the Buliding Department, the NS Fire Dept, etc ......... and none of them ever seem to be in "sync" with each other.

Maybe after you are done destroying the Commerce Department, doing special favors for use of Wetlands, and tilting at Windmills (yes pun intended) ......... see what you can do to help us in dealing with our government entities.


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