Technology as a Substitute

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Recently there was a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which discussed new teaching methods. In the coming years, it was reported that teaching methods and learning methods for longer include a pencil and paper. What hath God wrought?

While it almost always seems like a good idea to have technology make our lives easier, it comes with a price. The price is losing the way that we have always done things. Some of us can remember back when we were kids, when we wanted to change the channel on the TV, we had to get up and walk across the room. Nowadays, you have to get up and walk across the room to find the remote control. Certainly, nobody misses that.

But what about handwriting? Is this going to be a human trait that took many millennia to develop and simply replaced with non-handwriting communication? In short, are we going to be depending on texting instead of scribbling out a note? Again, the benefit being lost is that we no longer have to decipher illegible handwriting. But is it so hard to write a note?

Also getting lost with a pencil and paper is the fine art and skill of spelling. AFAIK spelling and grammar are still important. As dependency grows on spell checkers, we forget how to spell simple words and construct a sentence. So now the question becomes, what is being taught in the schools if handwriting, spelling and grammar is not? I guess that leaves a lot of time to spend on indoctrinating the young people on liberalism and global warming.

Time was, when two people were walking down the sidewalk together, they would be engaged in a conversation between the two of them. Today, if two people are walking down the sidewalk, they are each engaged in cell phone conversations to others. So with the advancement of technology, we are losing human interaction. And when people don't have respect for each other or know how to talk to each other, they blame Sarah Palin.

A generation ago, when young kids were riding in the car, they used to look outside and see the countryside. Today with technology, we don't have to look at the world outside, we have to watch a DVD. Probably a DVD about global warming.

Although I think technology is a great thing because it does save us a lot of work, makes us more productive, and gives us a better life, there are still some old traditional skills to be mastered. Among them are the art of conversation and the ability to have meaningful human interaction. Although technology may help us achieve these goals, sometimes we have to do it the old-fashioned way and work at it. I just hope it's not 2 L8.

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