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Alamelu Vairavan, a Whitefish Bay resident, is an author and culinary instructor. Alamelu has a passion for educating the public about the use of spices and legumes in preparing healthy and tasty foods. She is also interested in educating the public about the growing research that points to the enormous health benefits of spices in preventing many diseases. Her mission is to enrich people's culinary experience and to inspire them to discover that cooking and sharing healthful foods can be an especially joyful experience.

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Healing Spices

You know how much I have been emphasizing the use of spices and legumes in cooking aromatic, flavorful and healthful foods. In my presentations to the media and the public, I often talk about the intrinsic health benefits of spices.

Now, in January 2011, a book: “Healing Spices- How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease” has been released.  Authored by Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, with Deborah Yost, the book is an authoritative source on the scientific research that provides additional evidence about the health benefits of spices. Dr. Aggarwal is a Professor of cancer research, biochemistry and immunology at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Deborah Yost is the former vice-president and editor-in-chief of Prevention Magazine Health books.

“Healing Spices” is available from amazon.com and other sources. I was so eager to get my copy of the book just hot out of the press. Let me tell you this book is an amazing book filled with easy-to-understand information and fifty recipes including some recipes that I had contributed! This is the first book that is devoted completely to the health benefits of spices. For each of the 50 spices discussed in the book, the authors also give simple recipes of foods that use that spice.

Do you want to know an important weapon in beating a disease? It is a diet rich in whole foods such as fruits and vegetables-and rich in spices. In fact, worldwide scientific research has linked spices to the prevention and treatment of more than 150 health problems, including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Aggarwal gives you:

·         An A-Z guide to spices shown to have preventive or healing potential for more than 150 health-     conditions, from acne, arthritis, and anxiety to stroke, ulcers and wrinkles.

·         A buyer’s resource list for healing with spices

·         50 easy-to-prepare recipes (including some recipes from me).

In this book, a leading expert and researcher on the subject takes a detailed look at 50 different spices and their disease-beating benefits. The book is easy to follow and is very interesting to read. “Dr. Aggarwal has brought an outstanding overview of the health value of spices to a level that consumers now understand and can apply to everyday foods. These powerful nutrients need to be part of every healthy diet plan”, says David Heber, MD., PhD, a Professor and Director, at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.

Now, if you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of spices, I will be doing a community education program at the WFB library on Jan. 20th, at 7PM.  If anyone is interested in learning to cook vegetables and lean meats enhanced with spices and legumes, feel free to contact me via my website www.curryonwheels.com

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