It is clear that the ice at both geographic polar regions is melting.  This is very clear from aerial photos from airplanes and satellites.  Scientific measurements of air and ocean water temperatures are rising.  This all puts more water into the atmosphere.  It may only be a degree or two, but this is a trend that finds more and more water in the air, and into the oceans.

The term "global warming" is difficult to discern over the short term, but CLIMATE CHANGE  is occuring.

Every year in the southern U.S. and throughout Europe there are bursts of cold weather.  But is has not fostered very unusual weather heretofore.  Suddenly things ARE changing.  Consider just this year...

In Sri Lanka 300,000 people are homeless, rain and homeless statistics are at RECORD levels

RECORD rainfall is now devastating Brazil with flooding.

Airports were closed by the weather, many for the FIRST time, as RECORD snowfalls hit Europe.

RECORD snowfalls hit the southeastern United States.

RECORD snowfalls hit the Mid-Atlantic states in the U.S.

RECORD snowfalls hit the Northeastern U.S..

Now I shall sit back and enjoy all the scientific naysayers, the suspicious climatologists that would rather believe in the stories related to Noah's Ark than what is going on around them today, near and far.  The science and factual information are clear, but for many that is not sufficient.

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