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First up, a crime update.

WFB has increased patrols of the Village with additional officers "and received additional assistance from the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office to saturate the area that has been most affected.  Personnel have been patrolling the area in vehicles and on foot," according to WFB's Chief of Police Robert Jacobs.

He also said that the requests for more public involvement "has shown some success, as we have experienced an increase in calls regarding suspicious persons and vehicles."  -- Way to go, people. 

Has it paid off?  Knock on wood, but no burglaries since January 3rd.   Keep up the vigilance, though.  Call 911 (yes, really 911, ask for WFB if calling from a cell phone) if you see anything odd, odd trucks, odd people walking around houses, ringing doorbells, etc.   Shorewood's Chief said they'd "rather be called 100 times and find nothing wrong than not be called and have your neighbor's house broken into." has a good story on it here .. but an even cooler feature .. they have an interactive map of crime.

Speaking of Patch .. I mentioned it in past blog .. but I continue to be impressed.  What intrigues me is that each Patch editor must live in the Village they serve.   It's like we have a real, village newspaper again.

If you are keeping score at home, Patch has written 28 stories about Whitefish Bay since January 1st.   WhitefishBayNOW?  Seven.  Patch is up by 3 touchdowns.

Last time I wrote something about Patch, one of the NOW writers asked me "Why don't you like us anymore?"   Bah!  I like any media outlet that covers Whitefish Bay.   Bring me 21 more stories, I'll like you just as much.


The most asked question of 2010 was "When will City Market Open?" -- Now we know.  Guess who answers that question.


An election update:  I've heard some confusion about the two open WFB Trustee spots.  Now that no one has filed paperwork, we are somewhat in limbo.  Why?  It's possible that write-in candidates could win.

Indeed, a write-in candidate could win with 1 vote.  This could be very problematic for the Village .. say 3 people run and 2 of them get the same number of write-in votes .. according to our Village Attorney, that could force the Village into a special run-off election.   So please .. if you are thinking of doing a write-in campaign, get a few dozen votes, OK?

FYI, from this story, it's apparent that if you ask anyone to vote for you, you are campaigning and must be a registered candidate with the state.  It appears that if you didn't, you could still be elected to the Village Board, but you'd face some discipline from the State. 

The moral of the story is .. if you want to run as a write-in .. get some legal representation to figure out what you need to do to not run afoul of the law. 

If no write-ins run, the Village Board would find another way to fill the seats, by a process of appointing and interviewing anyone who asks, which is what happened with Trustee Brennan's seat a few years back. 

As always, I am happy to chat with anyone who is interested in serving.

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