Young, Angry, and Wrong

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The attempted assassination on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords represents a sad day in America. Lives were destroyed and America was changed. As a result, we will now be rethinking the way that we approach and have access to our elected officials. What made America great was the access that we had to our lawmakers in the approachability that they made available to us. They are one of us, they are representative of the people.

What was equally shocking is the reaction that people are giving from this. People were shocked, saddened, and disgusted at the attempted assassination of the Congresswoman and the assassinations of six others. But what was not expected was the sharp divisive reaction that the mainstream media was attaching to this.

What one would think was an event in which one mentally deranged person acted alone has been construed into an anti-conservative movement. If this had been an event caused by a Muslim or someone connected to Middle Eastern countries, like the shooting at Fort Hood last year, politicians and the media would be joining together in an effort to stop the rush to judgment. It would be dismissed as one extremist who acted alone. Yet when we have a mentally deranged person who acted alone, there is an effort to connect this to conservatives and Sarah Palin. Remarkable.

What people are finding out from the writings of the assailant is that the conclusions that he draws makes no sense. It makes no sense for either side politically, so why is this being politicized?

I could not believe it when the mainstream media was trying to get viewers and listeners and readers to draw the conclusion that influences from conservative radio, Fox news, Sarah Palin, and the Republicans had influenced this person to commit these heinous acts. Unbelievable.

Lefties from the likes of MSNBC are spewing more hatred than what they are thinking they can dispel. Somehow, it's not their problem, it's someone else's. The Right's. If any citizen anywhere is not in lockstep with the progressive movement, they conclude there is only one reason for it-hatred. So who's angry now? Is the left trying to find an issue that they can hitch their hatred to while blaming someone else? What happened in the past two years? They had their voter mandate in which they said that they were going to change attitudes across America. We were going to be less polarized. We weren't going to be red states or blue states, only United States. Well, we can see the results because there aren't any. Passing laws controlling speech and restricting guns are not going to stop a determined nut. We've seen it time and again.

It's completely disheartening to see people like Paul Krugman, who many Democrats respect despite his views on what he thinks is right, adding fuel to the fire making this shooting political. Yet he will believe his hate mongering is on the right side of the issue. I find myself agreeing with President Barrack Obama-we will get through this and get past it. With due respect to all the victims, I hope he's right.

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