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So .. who is the next contestant on Who Wants to be a WFB Trustee?


No one. Zip. Zilch. Two open Trustee spots, zero candidates.

The deadline passed at 5pm Tuesday. All hail Village President-Elect Julie Siegel, who will move from Trustee to the President's chair in April. I thank her for stepping into the breach.

I suspect we'll try to fill these two positions by appointment. To fill a vacancy 2+ years ago, 8 people interviewed for former Trustee Brennan's term.

If we get anyone to interview, it'll be interesting that of 7 Trustees, only 3 will have ever faced a contested election. Three will have been appointed (Trustee Foster was appointed, later ran unopposed) and myself, who also ran unopposed.

Six months ago, scores of residents were angry with the Village over sewer performance and the aftermath of the storms. I read plenty of commentary about how poor the leadership in the Village was. Heck, the Trustees get a semi-weekly email from one resident explaining in great detail all the things we are doing wrong. Fast forward to today .. no one volunteers.

We had another resident who angrily told the Board that he would actively help whoever was going to run against us in an election. Of course, he was unwilling to run himself, but was happy to help someone else run. Hello, Captain Irony.

I know, I know. Everyone has a good reason.  I spoke to 5 folks who were really interested, but indeed, people are busy with their own lives. Well, we need to find 7 who can juggle. 

Then there's the WFB school board. As I wrote this, I got an email from Anne Kearney, who announced her candidacy for School Board.

The way I read it, Greco, Phillips and Kearney will run for 2 spots, with Pam Woodward running unopposed for a 1 year term.

Four candidates for School Board!   Does the school board have better parties or something?


The WFB Police gave a report at the board meeting Monday.. a few notes:

* The current burglaries are mostly in the afternoon / evening hours.

* They are mostly of houses that have alleys. Way easier for the bad guys to lurk back there.

* They believe the bad guys are casing homes, then calling in another vehicle to take away their loot. The vehicles would typically be bigger, like minivans, trucks, or SUVs.

* Please call the police if you see something out of the ordinary, like a guy ringing doorbells to see if anyone is home. If someone rings your bell and makes up some odd excuse, they are looking for someone else or asking some random question. Call 911, let the police check them out.

* Let's dispense with the "non-emergency" number.   Just call 911 if you see something odd. If from a cell phone, call 911 and ask for the WFB Police. Don't wait a few minutes: call immediately.  Don't worry that it might be something innocent, the police are happy to get the tip.

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