WFB - Top 2010 Stories

Top 10 WFB Stories of 2010:

10. Naked Mailman puts Whitefish Bay on the map.

9. Bay Ball comes back with a rumble at the Harley Museum.

8. Armory Park is finished and dedicated.

7. WFB undergoes most infrastructure re-construction in decades.

6. 2009 School Referendum costs 40% lower than expected due to low construction cost and low interest rate loans ranging from 0% to 2.7%.

5. Changes on Silver Spring: Peabody's, Cavalry Games, Schmidt &  Bartlett Funeral, Giraffe close.  Three Wishes, Minoan, Penzey's open.  Fox Bay Condos project dies. Silver Spring Farmers' Market first year is huge success. City Market buys property, Village falls asleep waiting for construction to complete.

4. Leadership changes - Long time WFB Clerk/Treasurer Barb Patin and Village Manager Jim Grassman retire. President Pritchard declines to run for 4th term. Superintendent Jim Rickabaugh retires.

3. Flooding

2. Flooding

1. Flooding - The deluge in July was clearly the top story of 2010 by a wide margin.  The 8+ inch rain was called a 700-year flood by the Journal Sentinel. Hundreds of homes in the Village were inundated by sewer backups and other rain-water related problems. The Village experienced two other rounds of flooding, including the infamous "Manhole Popper" episode, whereby two residents opened a street manhole and drained thousands of gallons of rain into the sanitary sewer, later fined $3,000.

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