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Our local media prayers may have been answered. is a website dedicated to local news, and this week they opened their WFB site:

So far, it's fantastic.  The site opened this week, and there are 18 Whitefish Bay stories already.  There appears to be a dedicated team of writers, cranking out stories.  In short:  They are going to eat the Northshore NOW's lunch. is funded by AOL, so they have deep pockets .. whether they stick with it, I know not.  In the meantime, things are looking up for those who have long starved for local media attention.


Crime update:  There have been 7 more burglaries in the past 3 days.  We're not talking about people leaving their cars unlocked now .. the bad guys are going into homes, stealing TVs, purses, laptops.

Please, I'm not kidding:  Call 911 or 962-4619 if you see anything odd.   What's odd?  Someone you don't recognize milling around your neighbor's house.  An odd truck or SUV driving slowly around your block.  A guy ringing a doorbell, then going around the back of the house.   Don't worry if it turns out to be nothing, let the police figure that out.   And call immediately, don't wait even a few minutes.

WFB PD has about 30 officers in the department .. that pales in comparison to the 14,000 sets of eyes in Whitefish Bay.  I guarantee you that prior to every one of the 18 burglaries in the past 3 weeks, each time, the bad guy was seen by 5+ different Villagers, as they cased our houses.   It's going to take luck on the part of the police to be in the right place at the right time .. or a timely citizen tip, calling in something that just doesn't look right.


In the last blog, I was remiss in mentioning that Cahill Ice Rink was open.   This year, the residents around Cahill have formed a volunteer flooding team, removing the task from DPW. 

Of course, with the 50 degree weather, the rink has turned to mush.   I have no doubt the Cahill folks will get the rink back into shape next week, as temps fall.

The Cahill Ice Rink Fans have a Facebook page here.

The Village DPW should be working on a rink at Klode in January.  It would be great if ice skating fans around Klode could band together and get a team of volunteers like Cahill.  Organize, and contact the Village.


Election update: To date, no one has filed for the two Village Trustee openings.  I've spoken to about 5 people now who have shown some interest, but so far, couldn't sell the job.

Trustee Julie Siegel is the only candidate for Village President, so barring a last minute entrant, she will be Whitefish Bay's next Village President.


This Monday, January 3rd, at 6pm the Village Board will be having a pre-meeting "Open House" to allow the public to meet with Village Staff and consultants regarding the Stormwater Management Plan for the Southwest Drainage Basin, which is mostly south of Hampton but includes Cahill Park.

I received my draft copy of the report a few hours ago, and it has several interesting recommendations for the area, and a front-loaded multi-year plan to improve storm water removal in the basin.  (This is for the storm sewer -- not sanitary sewers .. that report should come in February.)

Following the open house, the regular board meeting will begin at 7pm, with a formal presentation of what was in the open house, and an update by our other sewer consultants, Donohue & Associates.

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