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It'll soon be time to kick off the 2012 presidential election season. As expected, President Barack Obama will be seeking a second term. Much to the surprise of conservatives, the president does have a record of accomplishment to run on. Americans like to see their president succeed. That's because we want America to succeed. However, we don't need a lot of stuff that needs to be repealed because it was done wrong in the 1st place. President Obama has this baggage too.

First, there is the healthcare reform bill. The Democrats were all giddy when this was passed because we were promised that it would do more and cost less. Well, we now know that that is not true. Its success of not adding to the deficit was contingent upon several things. It was contingent upon the Bush tax cuts expiring. These tax increases alone would send a lot more money to the national treasury. We know what happened with that. Everybody was supposed to be in the risk pool. Everyone would be forced to buying insurance either from their employer or a private insurance company or the government. We know where this is going. The coverages are being extended so that no one can be excluded, there will be no caps on spending, and the private companies will be practically barred from making a profit. But it's not socialism.

The president and Nancy Pelosi past a financial reform bill. We're still finding out the kind of damage that is going to do to people who can manage their own money. But those evil rich people need their income redistributed. The president repeal don't ask, don't tell. And the Start treaty was also ratified. How will these turn out? I'm sure will find out in the next two years.

But now comes the part that people need to scratch their head over-the president is going to run as a Washington outsider again. The president who has been in Washington for two years, and has presided over the largest government increase in the largest bureaucratic buildup since the 1930s is once again an outsider. How stupid does the Obama administration think the American people are?

How can an incumbent president think that he is the outsider? Is it because he is in over his head? Is it because he doesn't know what's going on? Perhaps it's because he did not propose or direct any legislation but left it all up to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Instead of doing the duties of the presidency, Barack Obama spent most of his time giving television interviews to friendly audiences like NBC and the ladies on The View. I would agree that these will still qualify Obama as an outsider.

Are we going to have to put up with two more years of every other word being “change”? Yes, Obama went to Washington to change Washington yet Washington changed Obama. Or did it? Maybe Obama is still the same ineffective politician that went to Washington as a senator from Illinois in 2007.

Is this a strategy to trump the Republicans? After all, we can once again have two candidates running against Washington. Although I've never heard of an incumbent running against his own administration. But when you do too many of the wrong things, what is left?

Of course, the Republicans still have the opportunity to screw up their 2012 opportunity also. There are about a dozen names being floated around for people who will be challenging President Obama for his office in 2012. It won't be easy, and it certainly won't be a sure thing. But a lot can happen in two years. Four years ago, the biggest issues for the presidency were the two wars and immigration. Yet when it came time to vote, we had a financial crisis on our hands. America cast its vote to the candidate who we thought would bring us out on the economic mess the best. Immigration and went to the back burner in the two wars became lower priorities. Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. And these perennial election-year issues keep coming back because they still remain unsolved. Next year will be no different.

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