How about a few zingers from me to get things rolling?  The following may be over-the-top, but even when I write middle-of-the-road, objective blogs it gets negative, hostile, irrational reactions from the left and the right.  So, before the year 2010 ends, let me clean out my closet, hang out some dirty laundry, and hopefully have some fun with a mind-clearing list of no-holds-barred wishes...

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the gang should be put in the dock and made to respond to the charges against them for illegally starting a war in Iraq with lies, trumped-up charges, withholding information from Congress, carrying out long-desired wishes to "conquer" Iraq, losing a trapped Osama bin Laden because of it, illegal and behind-the-scenes favors given to the Saudis, and giving war corporation friends like Hallibuton free reign to steal and misappropriate tens of billions of dollars.

President Obama should be called to account and made to respond for his failures to carry out campaign promises about closing Gitmo, ending the U.S combat wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, advocating for the poor and middle class, etc.

Objective scholars and historians should begin to offer historical evidence about the horrible administration of Ronald Reagan, his cozy relationships with some of the sleaziest dictators like Marcos, Somoza, etc., supplying the Contras with American military weapons as they fought against a democratically-elected government in Nicaragua, his secretly trading with the revolutionary government in Iran for money to supply the Contras, overturning regulations against war and greed corporations and other corporate buddies, and a host of other things that found the President of the United States carrying out the bidding of plutocratic big business that began the slippery slope slide away from democracy in the United States.

An objective look should be given to the actions of LBJ after the assassination of JFK, and his manipulation of Congress regarding Vietnam and the out-of-control war there.  The U.S. had no business encouraging South Vietnam into a war.  The U.S. had promised both North and South Vietnam that it would support a democratic election process to unite Vietnam after the French were defeated and left Vietnam.  But when the U.S. realized that the Vietnamese people, both North and South, would overwhelmingly elect Ho Chi Minh, we reneged on our promise and fought to prevent that election.  In the process the U.S. supported a massively corrupt government in Saigon.  Today, under leadership in Hanoi, Vietnam is an evolving nation and recovering from the ravages that the U.S. forced on Vietnam.

The U.S. State Department and the Pentagon must begin to be better versed on the history of the Middle East, and totally and scholarly evaluate the U.S. role in that area.  We are mostly insensitive to long-standing patterns in that region, and are rarely sensitive to the desires of the people we use military force to direct.  Jamming an American idea of democracy down the throats of Middle East cultures is a recipe for long-term disaster.  We handled the Balkan Peninsula more intelligently.  Our actions in the Middle East have been, for the most part, a failure.  And the cost is sending the U.S. economy into a horrible, long-standing downward spiral.  We cannot afford these mistakes any longer.

The United States of America must get ahold of itself.  It is evolving into plutocratic capitalism.  This development is causing short-term bonanzas for a small group of Americans, and a long-term disaster for democracy in the U.S.  This is not a partisan political consideration.  It is a consideration for the survival of our democracy, our way of life, our economy, our leadership role in the world, and the very preservation of our highest ideals and goals.

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