Are rain water retention tanks the solution to Shorewood's sewer problem?

Rain water. Drainage systems.


Defining the problem is part of the solution.

I have, of course been thinking about this for some time and now it seems to me that we haven't defined our sewer problem properly.


I would say today, that our sewer problem is that of preventing rain water, especially heavy rain water from overwhelming our sewers as we also have insufficient capacity in our present sewers and a limited sized access to the main metropolitan system.


We can say then, that heavy rains produce too much water for us to handle in our present system. WHAT TO DO WITH THIS WATER?  Divert it to sufficiently large holding areas, morst likely in our case, to large retention tanks and then at the proper time slowly drain the stored water into our present system as it can handle a slow flow of water.  


This takes the complications out of the problem. The solution now becomes that of retaining rain water in rain water storage tanks. The question is now where to put these water retention tanks. One place would be under our public open areas, parking areas and other public spaces. It would seem that there would be capacity enough to handle the amount of backup water that we had last summer if we go deep enough in several areas.   


If those areas are not sufficient, then we can find other places as well. Let's start here, first. Perhaps in the long run, eight-foot pipes in diameter or even larger ones lined up under our sidewalks could serve as retention tubes that can hold a considerable amounts of water.


This  immediate solution could then serve as part of the long term solution which is merely developing a water storage or water detention system. In the future we can use and harvest this stored water for secondary uses and earn further savings.   


Have I defined the problem incorrectly? Is the storage tank solution an incorrect one? Someone in the Village or some sewer consultants including our consultant should explain why the storage tank is not the right way to go. I expect and the people of Shorewood should expect a serious amswer to this question from each of the members of the board.  We should require your public opinion on this issue. 


I don't see that we are presently arriving at a rapid solution. I don't see any urgency reflected in what we are doing now. And spring follows winter and with spring the heavy rains. Let's at least get a start.



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