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An update on the WFB Trustee positions .. as you know, President Pritchard and Trustee Fehring are not running for re-election in April, and the election submission deadline is days away.

Three positions are on the ballot for April, Village President, and two Trustee positions. 

As of today, only one candidate has surfaced, as Trustee Julie Siegel, whose term is ending, has volunteered to run for Village President. 

I put out a call for candidates two weeks ago and have had nibbles of interest, but so far, no one has filed paperwork.   Upon reflection, asking people to run probably wasn't the right course.  To an extent, it takes an act of hubris to raise your hand and say, I am a leader.

So here's my new request:  Please take a moment and think about your friends and neighbors, and who might have the time, energy and civic attitude to fill these vacancies.  Then ask them if they will serve. 

I don't know what else to say here.    Indeed, a civic job means giving up some of your personal time for your community.  We need people to step to the plate.  

I am happy to talk to anyone interested in these positions.  The last day to submit the form (GAB-1) to run before circulating papers would be Thursday Dec. 30th, then the final submission date is Tuesday, January 4th, 2011.  As a reminder, 20 signatures is all that's needed. 

Additionally, the WFB School Board has 3 positions on the ballot.  All three incumbents, Greco, Philips, and Woodward are running again.


Still looking for a Christmas present?

I sat down to read the new Whitefish Bay historical book this past weekend.  It's great stuff. 

Who would have known in 1893, the first teacher in WFB received a $60 salary?  Or that the janitor of the school got $75?  Or that Sendik's name was acquired through a misunderstanding, and that there was a Wilbur Winkie. Or that the first St. Monica mass was celebrated at .. WFB's Village Hall.

If you are still looking for a stocking stuffer for a long- or short-time resident of WFB .. this is a no-brainer.

The book can be ordered from the WFB Historical Society here: for $20, or can be found at Winkie's.


WFB Crime "Wave" :

If you get the WFB Crime alert email, you would know we have a bit of a crime issue over the past 4-5 weeks:

5100 block N. Elkhart. Jewelry taken.

4800 block N. Diversey by forcing open a rear door. 40" television, toolbox (with tools) and small wrapped items taken.

5100 block N. Bay Ridge. Entry gained by possibly prying deadbolt open on rear door.

5200 block N. Kent. Taken was a snow blower, bike and other items.

5400 block N. Shoreland and removed jewelry and a laptop. Entry gained through a window.

5200 block N. Shoreland and removed jewelry and a laptop. Entry gained through a window.

5700 block N. Shoreland, unlocked garage, snowblower taken

5200 block N. Idlewild. Arrest made and bicycle recovered.

5000 block N. Cumberland, unlocked garage, snowblower taken.

5400 block N. Bay Ridge, bike taken.

5300 block N. Idlewild, small refrigerator / open garage.

600 block E. Lake View. Vehicle was parked on driveway, GPS & electronics taken

600 block E. Lake View. Entry gained by unknown means, GPS & electronics taken.

From the WFB PD:

Residents are asked to watch for any suspicious activity (e.g. someone ringing doorbell and then moving toward rear of house) around their home or neighbors' homes and to contact the police department immediately by calling 911 or the police department non-emergency number 962-4619.

I've noticed a number of squad cars patrolling my block, but if citizens can be on the lookout as well, it can help exponentially.   A couple years ago, my wife noticed someone who looked out of place and called 911 .. the police caught him and it turned out he was indeed casing the neighborhood.  Read the story here.

Bottom line .. if you see something odd that the police should look at, call 911 and let them sort it out.    Really.   That's not just a throw-away line, that's really what you should be thinking about when you see something out of place.  (If calling from a cell phone, ask the 911 dispatch for the WFB Police dispatch.)

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