Maybe Next Year. . .

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We are barely 6 months past the midterm election which evidently sent a short-lived shock to the elected officials in Washington. Congress has returned for a lame-duck session and it has proved to be a less than stellar spectacle of what the American people expect.

President Obama's debt commission has concluded their business and made their recommendations. If we base their success on the actions that the government will take in order to reduce the deficit and get governmental spending under control, it has been a dismal failure. Although the debt commission did not come out with a recommendation to create a value added tax on the American people, the recommendations that they didn't come up with are becoming forgettable.

For the third year in a row, the administration's top priority is once again going to be jobs-so they say. Perhaps this year there will be the follow-through to make it happen. After three years of lousy economy, 2011 may finally be a year of recovery. If the government will get out of the way.

Congress is continuing to spend as if deficits don't matter. Washington is the only place that if you allow people to keep more of the money that they earn, it is considered public spending. Not increasing taxes has become a debate for why we should allow people to keep more of their own money and point the finger towards wage earners and call them greedy. Whose money is it anyway? You sell your soul to the company store, you go to work, you hone the skills that add value to an organization that will give you a paycheck, but it's still the government’s money. Unbelievable.

Congress has managed to screw up continuation of current tax law. Added in with letting people keep more of their own money are a bunch of tax credits from the stimulus bill of 2009 which did not work. There is 13 more months of continuation for unemployment insurance. Congress does not want people who don't have a job to lose their benefits. But what if they get a job? I guess Congress thinks that it won't be to their benefit.

In this tax bill there is something for everyone to hate. Congress calls that compromise. Is that the American way? Making sure everyone is unhappy? Name-calling and bad deals has become the signature of the 111th Congress and this administration. But will the 112th be any better?

Next month we will probably kick off the 2012 presidential campaign. Once again we will be looking for change and hope for a better America. And like a lot of football fans are now beginning to say, maybe next year will be the year.

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