Silver Spring Pledge 2010

Silver Spring

Admittedly, this blog is a re-run from 2007, 2008, 2009 .. same message applies every year, updated for 2010.

Take the Village Spillage Pledge:  I (insert your name here) promise to buy some holiday gifts from Merchants on Silver Spring.

Here are some ideas:

Got a pet, or need a gift for someone with one?  Treat Fido to something from Hounds Around Town.

Gift for a skier, or tennis player?  Boom, Les Moise.   Naturally, they sell Gift Certificates, so you don't have to know what your snowboarder wants.

Luggage, bags, or travel stuff?  Red Cap Luggage.

Does mom knitRuhama's Yarn or maybe something from Patricia Shoppe.

How about something from the newest merchant: Oro di Olivia for your Oil and Vinegar guzzling friends.  $35 buys you a gift set.

Mom wants something from Three Wishes.

Dad needs a family photo on his desk.  Get it framed at the Great Frame Up.

Don't know what to get your kid's teacher or the postman?  They like Mexican food.  El Guapo's has Gift Certificates.  Ok, maybe not the postman since they changed all the routes and your regular mail man is sadly gone.  :-(

Here's a never-fail gift for your wife: Massage gift certificate from Elements.  Or something from Minoan.

Then there's Simon Oliver, Winkies, Schwanke-Kasten, Thiet, Fox-Bay Theater, What's Poppin, and 20 other stores.

Seriously people.   There are 14,000+ people in Whitefish Bay.   Let's guess 40,000 holiday presents.  Imagine if we bought a quarter of them on Silver Spring instead of Best Buy (Mobility), Toys R Us (Winkies), Zales, Kay, Shaw's Jewelers (Schwanke-Kasten or Thiet.)

Shop local.  Really.  Please.

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