Time to plan Scott Walker recall election after his first year in office

Fast Rail Milwaukee to Madison, $810, 000 million lost to other states, Walker job creation, Walker Governor Recall

According to WI Law, any elected official may be confronted with a Recall after their first year in office.

Scott Walker will be inaugurated on Jan 3, 2011 --- so earliest is January of 2012.

Why do I think that WI citizens will be ready to recall Walker in 2012? 

Look at the biggest and boldest promise Walker has made --- to create 250,000 jobs and add 10,000 businesses in WI by 2015 !!!

(and filling fired Wisconsin public employees with private contractor employees is not the creation of a job!! ) 

And as of today, almost a month before he even takes office, Walker has succeeded in losing over 5,000 jobs by killing the Fast Rail Project between Milwaukee and Madison -- and sending our $810,000 million to other states !!!

(and we complain that WI does not get its fair share of revenue from the Fed Govt in relationship to the taxes we send to DC)

That adds 5,000 more jobs he needs to create for a total of $255,000 !!!

By the end of 2011 when Milwaukee County has felt the full affects of Walker's previous tenure as County Executive --- citizens will realize the Emporer has no clothes !!!

OK -- if by the end of 2011 Walker is on track to fulfill his Jobs  and Business Creation promise --- I will print out this posting and eat it ................. but don't get the ketchup out yet ................... I think the only printing I will be doing will be related to a Recall of the most ineffective governor Wisconsin has ever seen.

Check back a year from now ---- but feel to write your comments below in the meantime !!!

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