Humanity and Godliness

Humanity. Humanness



We talk of humanity and what humanity is but what are its goals.


It may be a myth that Pope John XXIII found himself in Spain during the beginnings of World War II and in his position of Nuncio Roncalli intervened to spare the lives of many Jewish children during the Holocaust.


Through his intervention in under ground activities all over Europe he was able to spare many Jews from the concentration camps.


It is said that in Spain he was confronted with a ship load of orphaned Jewish children who had in some way escaped the ravages of the Nazi religion but were not to be allowed in Spain because of theirs.


Nowhere in the church teachings was it said what should be done in this kind of situation in the name of humanness.  In order to expedite their entry into Spain Roncalli baptized the children as Christians.


Nuncio Roncalli's saving of the children may have now been turned into a myth and it may be a myth that humanity is the Godliness within each of us, as demonstrated by “Good Pope John” and if so, what a wonderful myth.


A myth that should lead those of us who are politically religious, following various theories of political economy, rather to ponder Godliness in a man like Nuncio Roncalli, exemplar of our humanness, based in our love of children, our love of neighbor and our honor and love for fathers and mothers, the elderly of the world.



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