The Greedy Needy

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Over the past couple of years, there have been countless articles, countless blogs, and countless conversations on the perils of greed in today's economy. Progressives and liberals have engaged in class warfare in their effort to put the Americans into two categories-the haves and the have-nots. A have not is simply someone who does not have all the material things that they want in life. So, who are the haves?

Are they the people who have not worked a day in their lives and have fallen into more money than they can spend in their lifetime? Are they an artist or a sports figure that somehow got a lucky break in from an agent who is willing to find someone who could take a dump truck load of money and dump it at their feet just to fulfill their over-sized egos? Is it some schmuck that got a lucky break by entering a contest like American Idol? Is it a bozo who won the lottery?

What about the person who has a dream or an ambition for what he wants to do in his life? What if you are looking for certain conditions in your life and what you want embark upon your life’s dream? And if you don't find the situations as you would like them, put the effort into creating them? What about the person who takes the risk? Sure, there are many stories of people who have failed yet with every success, that success is also preceded by a failure. In just about every case, this is how it is. Successful people will not let failure to prevent them from being the successful people that they want to be.

How can anyone fathom that someone who does not want to work as hard should have the same results as people who are putting forth the effort? Every day, we all have 24 hours. What we do with it is up to us. If people have different goals, different priorities, then they will have different outcomes. That's just the way it is. Yet people who do not seize the opportunities that are presented to them, want you to believe that they have gotten a bad deal. It's all bad luck. Well, luck is the residue of design.

It seems that people today are more interested in extending unemployment benefits than they are in seeking benefits of employment. Yet the people who are gainfully employed today are expected to foot the bill for funding the government. Taxpayers are certainly not getting a good bang for the buck.

What about the people who don't do this? Liberals and progressives today are toting a new attitude in which they believe that they are entitled to the same things that successful people have. Whether they earned them or not. Having no burning desire to make themselves successful, they will play the political system in order to elect people who will make laws and regulations to redistribute the wealth. Instead of equal opportunity, the progressive seek equality of outcome.

Gone are the days of aspiration. People don't aspire to be better than what they are now. People are caught up in the attitude of being "me.” Instead of aspiring to improve themselves and being the best in “me” that they can be, people take the attitude of, “if you don't like the way I am, that's too bad, I'm not changing.” Well, that is too bad.

People are no longer willing to put off gratification to earn something. Everything is for instant gratification. Are the people who are unemployed for over a year putting effort into learning skills that are going to be employable no matter what the economic situation is? Are we in danger of making unemployment benefits what welfare used to be? People want it all; they just don't want to work for it anymore.

It's time once again for people to take self responsibility for their actions and their outcomes. We all have bills, we all have families. Every day, we have to take the opportunity to knowledge that we are not only making a living but making our lives. We are all self made. But only the successful will admit it.

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