Shorewood Break an Ankle Club December 5, 2010

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It’s that time of year again in Shorewood, WI.  Shorter days, colder weather, snow and ice. 


As winter does come to Shorewood every year about the same time, without fail, it is hard to imagine that some folks aren’t prepared for the Old Man.


Yet with our first real snow accumulation this Fall, it seems some of Shorewood’s businesses ---- and others, were not prepared --- yet a number of them had not cleared their walks as of the day after the snow (snow on Sat 12-4) -- see picts below Sunday morning 12-5, snow and icy walks.


Especially ironic is that Saturday 12-4 was the Shorewood Bid's annual Holiday Walk --- from their website:

 Get ready for the holiday season with our popular Holiday Shopwalk featuring an ice-carving exhibition, free trolley rides, special offers from local merchants, strolling carolers from the Shorewood Players and much more.


Yet on Saturday at 5:00 PM the Shorewood High School's walks were snow covered, and Sendik's (a sponsor of the walk) had a slush and ice covered sidewalk along the front of their store on Oakland.  

A major feature that the Village of Shorewood stresses over and over in its literature, advertising and publications, is that Shorewood is a “Pedestrian Friendly” Village.


According to the Village of Shorewood, on its Website:


“Shorewood May Just Be The Perfect Place To Live
You know and we know all about the attributes that Shorewood offers potential homebuyers. Great schools, beautiful homes & neighborhoods and friendly, engaging people, all in a pedestrian-friendly village situated right on the edge of the city.
But did you know that according to a study by the Urban Land Institute done in 1999, that homebuyers were willing to pay $20,000 more for homes in a “walkable” community.”


Some of the sidewalks that were not cleared as of Sunday morning 12-5 include Pick N Save on Oakland, Northshore Bank on Oakland and Capitol, both the Citgo and BP gas stations on Capitol, and the Oakland sidewalk in front of the defunct Open Book. 

(Both SHS and Sendiks did have their walkways cleared by Sunday morning)


Pick N Save North Corner

 Pick N Save Oakland Sidewalk

Citgo on Capitol

Closed Open Book Sidewalk Oakland Avenue

(reportedly this property is owned by the Roundy's Corporation that owns Pick N Save)

Shorewood High School corner Oakland and Capitol on Saturday @ 5:00 PM (Shorewood Holiday Walk Day Celebration epicenter)

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