Restoring Honor to the Presidency

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Over the past few presidential election cycles, candidates have claimed that they would be the ones to restore the honor and reverence for the office of the presidency that it deserves. Yet time and again we have fallen short either on electing someone who would do it, or allowing the person vowing to do it, let their promise fade away.

When people criticize President Obama on just about anything, critics from the left scream unfair; that we are not honoring or giving respect to the office of the president as we may have to others in the past. Well, respect has to be earned. And the officeholder has to give the honor and respect to the office itself if he wants any in return. Let's take a look.

In order to be successful in 2008, and a presidential candidate had to do one thing-not be George W. Bush. You'd think that would be an easy act to follow. After all, that accomplishment did earn the Nobel Prize for peace. But is the United States again respected in the world? I don't think so. While supposedly fighting to foreign wars, the United States is perceived by other countries to be militarily weak. Countries once deemed as the evil empire or axis of evil pay no heed to what was once principles that we would always stand up for. We now try to ignore international acts that used to stir up vigilance. We turn a blind eye and hope that they will go away on their own in our favor.

Domestically were not doing much better either. The economy still struggles a year and a half after we supposedly have ended what we will now refer to as the great procession. It still feels like we are in economic contraction. Job growth has been anemic at best. And the worst part is that we have people making economic decisions based on very limited business background. It out of touch administration still follows Keynesian principles that have proved month after month but they are not working. The administration sees economics as a zero sum entity.

Liberals and progressives cannot look at a rich person without thinking that they got that way by taking advantage of poor people. They try to make policies that will redistribute income from the rich to the poor and believe that this fairness of outcome is a social justice that people are looking for. Let's take a look at the tax policy. If the Democrats do not raise taxes on the rich people, they believe the rich will save it for themselves. In their eyes, the economy will slow down even further. Union leaders and union members demonstrate regularly demanding jobs. Who do they think is going to create these jobs? Certainly not the union members. They are the ones looking to take the jobs. Well, it's great that they want to work, but they don't know what it takes to create a job.

Liberals and progressives want to take just about every dollar of profit from any business owner if they don't use it to create jobs and hire people. Jobs are not created just because of profit is made. Jobs are created when a business owner believes that there business will be expanding. Yet with uncertainty on tax policy and a lot of new regulation coming down the pike, business owners are holding back. And the result is higher unemployment. Yet the Democrats will not continue the current tax policy because they believe the government cannot afford them. So, let's get this straight. You earn the money yet the government is entitled to 40% of it. They can spend it better than you can. That's what they actually believe.

The current administration believes that they should be taxing everybody more and then they are the ones who can return the money to the people as they see fit. We're supposed to be impressed by giving tax breaks to people who think that they are on the cost of revolutionizing the United States to a green economy. How dumb do they think we are?

It's also time for President Obama to start acting presidential. After two years in office, he still has yet to show that he is growing in the job. He thinks by going on TV shows like Comedy Central, Barbara Walters, and The View, that he is communicating to the people of the United States. Is he?

There's more to being president than flying around in Air Force One at will. President Obama remains out of touch because he is in over his head. Having celebrities come over to the White House and perform may be fun for some, but it is not governing. President Obama was elected to be the head of the government. Not to be the next Paris Hilton.

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