Traffic backups and sewer backups



Hi Lenny:


How did you enjoy Thanksgiving day here on your own?  I know, you didn't get any turkey.


You never eat meat anyway?  I can see, you never eat anything. You just sit there and think.


You say the cars weren't speeding by as fast?  Ordinarily most drivers don't pay much attention to the speed limit.


Car advertisements show the new cars and their drivers somewhere on the desert driving at thousands of miles per hour, kicking up sand.


Most drivers on Lake Drive are itching to drive at these break neck outer space speeds that they see on TV, especially those who overtake you on the right side. Zoooom. Zoooom.


I understand the speed limit on Lake Drive is 30-miles per hour. Yeah, it is Lenny but some think that means minimum speed not maximum.


Perhaps they think that a traffic ticket is part of the cost of operating a car. Besides, I've never seen a police car between 4:30 and 6:00 pm, when most cars are going north.

Where would the police car locate itself? The police would have to set up a traffic trap.  Weekdays almost everyone drives beyond the speed limit.  How could the police handle the giving of all those tickets?

Speaking of backups, Lenny, I don't think that Shorewood is ever going to solve its sewer backup problem, do you?.


You do? How are they going to do that? Your mean privatize the whole sewer system?


No, you think that they can get a private firm to build a private storm water sewer system separate from our present one. How and who would do that?


Lenny, I think you're wrong on this one. Yes, they could get all sorts of grants and subsidies and even long term sure-type investors. And you say that citizens would accept paying so much a month, just like paying for insurance, insurance against backups.


I hope you're right Lenny. I don't think that the village would go along with that. I've just about given up on sewers, so I hope you're right, Lenny.


Keep up your good spirits, Lenny, I'll drop by tomorrow for more cheering up.



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