The Coffee Party vs. a "Democrat" or "Republicrat" Congress.

The New Congress. New congressional leadership. Jobs.



The “Democrat” dominated congress has failed at providing immediate prosperity and jobs.  Let's see how the “Republicrat” congress does during these next two years.


Those of the Coffee Party want to remind the majority party of the congress of the urgency that they presented the opposition party with their call of,  “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”


How are new "congressocrats" going to produce “Jobs” during this coming year;  tax-decreasing legislation and warnings that Social Security and Medicare are going to bankrupt us?


What will the “Republicrat” congress versus “Democrat” congress do about it? What's this plan that they've been talking about.  Is the elimination of “Obamacare," if that is possible,  going to do it or will Health Care's possible survival ruin the whole "Republicrat" plan?


If congress is so important and the leader of the house is so powerful, that is the leading "congressocrat."let's see some real job creation through the new or old leadership in the House this coming year.


Perhaps the Democrats' call should be for Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and Debt, Debt, Debt and Taxes, Taxes, Taxes.


Let's see what happens. What could possibly happen?


Those of the Coffee Party are as mad as the Tea Party members and it seems that they ain't going to take it no more.


(A recent survey indicated that 48% of Americans do not know that the leadership and majority in the congress has changed.   They probably have not heard of the Tea Party either.  Nor do they know that the president was born in Hawaii).





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