Are Republicans for jobs or not for jobs?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

What is the crisis all about? The budget, the budget ceiling, the deficient, the debt—all put together, the financing of the Federal government.  Hold on a minute. About 2/3 of the states are in financial trouble too. What about them?


Furthermore, the public schools are in trouble too. How do we finance education? What about bank foreclosures, we can't bail out the banks again nor those losing their homes. How about the 20 million unemployed? How about infrastructure? Who is going to upgrade that? This is all part of the crisis.


And how is the Republican Party, the winners in this election going to help get us out of this mess?  By concentrating on getting President Obama out of office for the next two years?  What does that do for their call for Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?  Do they really want the American economy to fail?  Do they have a real solution besides cutting taxes, removing Social Security and Medicare?


Are we going to be disappointed with the Republicans too?  If we don't raise the taxes on the upper 2%, as the wealthy are the only one's who could employ the unemployed, some years down the road, of course, why haven't the wealthy employed anyone earlier and why should they do that now even without a tax increase?  Will the Republicans see to it that the wealthy will now create jobs? 


Why haven't they helped small businesses?  Will they help small business now?  We don't care who creates jobs and how they'll do it.  But now let's do it.


How about a 15% pay back by the Federal Government for each new worker hired by small business to earn less than $50,000 per year and an additional 10% for the next $10,000 up to $60,000 over the next two years?


Would the wealthy now be encouraged to employ those willing to work right away? What's the program?

Anybody willing to support the program suggested here?   What would we put in its place?  If the Democrats don't have a program for jobs, what is the Republicans' program?



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