Moderate party. 3-party system.

If most people are moderates, as most political pundits claim, then perhaps we should have a moderate party.


Two moderate parties might be better—a moderate right and a moderate left. So we'd have four parties—Progressives on the far left, Moderate Left, Moderate Right and Conservatives on the far right.


I think that should do it. No more Democrats no more Republicans.


The two Moderate parties would have to work together in the congress for it to pass anything. Oh! Look out. What happens if the two right parties or the two lefts get together? We'll be back in the same muddle.


O.K. Let's have only one Middle or Moderate Party that ought to keep the right and the left apart.


That also means that we have to do away with the 60 vote majority in the Senate and the 2/3 majority to approve treaties. The latter would require an amendment.  All this is going to be difficult to do, perhaps impossible.


So we're left with the mess we've got.  What to do?


Something to think about? Does it help anything?

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