Making sense.

When is a village not a village?


Listen to this Lenny, I'm through with the serious stuff for awhile. How can one be serious when serious is next to insanity? So I'm going back to the village where we both live and where everything makes real sense.


We are being told by the serious people here that “a village runs through Shorewood.” That would be nice, but some highways, real four lane highways run through it, too. Two of them meet right behind you, Lenny, there where you're looking toward eternity.


In this “walkable village” it's very difficult to walk at the intersections. I've seen some reasonable joggers run a little beyond the intersections, where crossing the highway is easier.


When Capitol drive is finished, do you think that all that traffic will make it easy to access the businesses lined up on both sides of the highway?


I wonder if we won't have to put better sound proof windows in the high school building. I find that people walking on Lake Drive are talking louder so that they can hear each other as they walk together. I can almost hear them except for the noise that those trucks and motor cycles are making.


As the English say, “not to mind.” But I do mind. How about those “walkables,” don't they mind?


Oakland Avenue, south of Capitol, if not part of the highway is the approach to it. I'm sure that those cars will add to all the walk-in trade on Oakland, especially as they turn west on Capitol. And of course, heavy traffic makes parking quite easy and parking lots more accessible.


The heavy traffic in the summer time will make sitting outside at those outside cafe' tables quite nice, too. It well add to the “walkableness” of these rather lazy places where the village flows between these state highways.


What do you think, Lenny? Doesn't the traffic noise interfere with you deep thinking?


I don't think that I'd trust the Department of Transportation to design our village, nor for them to make it walkable, nor for them to even create a village center, which happens to be where they've placed the worst traffic intersection, there, at Capitol and Oakland. What do you think, Lenny?


Oh! You don't want to think about it as it might drive you crazy and that's why you've turned you back on this circus.


Makes sense, of course. You always do. So why should we get serious about it?


Besides, nobody cares. The sane people are too busy worrying about the unemployed and how to create employment by cutting taxes for those who can most afford to pay taxes.


Makes sense. For when you have too much money, it is logical that one morning on waking up, you say, I've got so much money, I think I'll create some jobs today.


It makes sense. That's why I'm getting away from the serious stuff, Lenny. It's all beginning to make too much sense.


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