Humanity. Market place. Truth.



Lenny, here are some ideas on which we may have touched on before:


Science, the collective engine of truth, seeking reality should have taught us that we live in an insecure world. The earth moves and tumbles underneath our feet. Volcanic bursts give evidence of the fire within. 


 Yet God, created here the Garden of Eden, the place of both good and evil.  We are also subject ot bombardment from the sky and from outer space.   


Do we follow the fabricated romance of whom we shall become without knowledge of who or where we are? We are left to exalt humanity as our main goal?


Yet we esteem the selfish individuality of emperors and kings, of the wealthy and powerful. Where is the generous character carried in the thought of the love of fellow man? Is “love of fellow man” not included in the concept of humanity?


The church's basic principle is that each of us individually earns his or her salvation and individually shall stand before God. Is being good to our fellow man, a principle of humanity expressed in the fact that we are our brother's keeper or best evidenced when we stand honorably side by side  performing our  duties in the killing fields?


Is our relationship with our fellow man measured by our humanity? Can we exclude war where killing is a professional and honorable act?  Does humanity allow for false witness against our neighbor or against our client?


Stealing is against the law in most societies, considered a more distrustful act than lying, except in court and except within the market place, just as killing is evil except at war.


Worth and value are hidden factors and are determined in the act of exchange in the market place where truth and theft are redefined in the interest of profit and the bottom line. Therefore, the expression, “let the buyer beware”


Love of fellow man are not practicalities in the open market , for who do we love and who is our fellow man where the buyer must beware?


After all we live in an insecure world, but we can insure against insecurities. Even here we can produce a profit. We might conclude therefore that it is in the innovative exceptions to all that is good in humanity where societies function, where politicians gain power and where the money changers find riches.


It is because we live in an insecure world that we cannot take time to be our brother's keeper, nor take time to honor our fathers and mothers nor to know the neighbors whom we should love. Born equally, but shortly thereafter, we live in a world of special privileges. These are the derivatives of humanity without practical values and realities where gains are made.


Not even the scientists know these realities, they the seekers of truth. Therefore we must find our everyday truths and realities as individuals not likely as a whole humanity.


Humanity would deal with all those in poverty in the world. Where is the profit in that? We can bring more humanity to insecure places that are at war and gain more profit from that. Profit does not make one rich but profit is required to become rich if one is not born that way nor already that way.  


God does not require that we be or remain poor to enter the kingdom of heaven. As the poor shall always be with us, therefore nothing can be done about them as a class.


The art of living is to move in the opposite direction of  poverty toward riches, as would be the case in aiding the poor. And perhaps here is where practical humanity lies. After all God left Adam and Eve living there in the Garden of Eden, where even here evil lurked, then they were thrown out into a world of evil. 

Just as the poor, evil shall always be with us. We need to cope with it as Adam and Eve did and here is where our humanity lies, in the way that we as individuals cope with evil. Forget this humanity stuff, it is often said, it won't make you rich.


So Lenny, there you have it, what are your thoughts? Perhaps there are some other readers who can give us some ideas.


Well, good day then, and certainly good luck.



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