OK, I accept the results of the recent election.  A Republican landslide?  Yep.  Now what?

Getting elected was the easy part.  Now comes legislating and fulfilling all those promises made.  Using amazing amounts of money to run a campaign, using huge amounts of money to advertise, and making promises akin to motherhood and apple pie, Republicans are now given the legislative reins to work for the common good.  That is the tough part.

I respectfully request that those of you reading this who are followers and advocates for Democratic Party ideas and more progressive perspectives, stand aside.  Allow the comment section here to be open to conservatives, tea partiers, Republicans.  I respectfully request that the Republicans and right-wingers give us the specifics of how they are going to improve the lot of Americans in the next few years.  Remember please, that some improvements from the horrendous recession we are experiencing is already improving. That is not what I am refering to here.  Rather focus on things such as the following...

1. How are you specifically going to reduce the budget deficit?  Please do not generalize with "by cutting taxes, cutting earmarks, cutting budget items" and so forth.  How are you proposing to do that specifically?  Which taxes will you cut?  Will you cut tax breaks for corporations?  Tax breaks for the rich?  Would you include the poor and middle class [remember, even poor people pay taxes]?  [please do not think you are cutting taxes by simply shifting them to the states or local governments]  Specifically, which taxes?  Remember also, that screaming that we are spending more than ever, and as a greater part of the GNP is not a solution.  Progressives have also been yelling that.  How specifically will you fix it?

2.Remembering that you cannot govern and still allow the huge deficits of the past to remain as they are.  So, how will you pay for past deficits?  No rhetoric, please.  How will you do it?

3. For over two years now the Republicans in government have been extremely critical of the Democrats and the President.  The admitted and stated objective of the Republican Party is to prevent Obama from being re-elected.  That will not fix anything in the budget or reduce the deficit now.   Some degree of bipartisan cooperation will be needed.  How will you now bring about this cooperation?  What specifically will you do?  You cannot legislate and run a government by simply preventing the President from being re-elected.  How will you specifically gain cooperation across the aisle and between the legislative and executive branches of government?  The people [voters] will be anxiously waiting.  How will you do it?  Be specific.  You demanded Obama do something in two years, what can you do in three years?  Don't put it off into the future, you didn't allow for that in the last two years.

4. Are you willing to admit major waste in military spending?  Which SPECIFIC military budget items will you lower and for which specific programs and materials?  Specifically?

5. Will you propose to have signed contracts with corporations providing services to our military?  Will there be major programs given out without a bidding process as was done in the 2000-2008 period?  If not, how will you specifically propose the American taxpayer is protected in this?

6. Medicare and Social Security cannot be changed by one political party.  How will you specifically propose to make the promised changes in a bipartisan way?

7. Please give me specific ways you will deal with complex issues.  Social programs reduce crime, clean neighborhoods lower crime and raise property values, tourism is increased with environmentalism, business is improved with advancing ecological and environment programs, etc.  Can you cut taxes and still keep in mind those facts?  How specifically will you do that?

8.  How specifically will you preserve and improve the nation's infrastructure and still lower taxes?  Specifically, how can you do both?  What is your specific plan to do this?

9. Some major corporate donors are expecting right-wing legislators to do favors for them.  The military-industrial corporations poured many millions of dollars into the coffers of right-wing candidates.  Can you appease them without actually doing their bidding?  In Wisconsin, the road-building industries poured huge sums of money into Governor-elect Walker's campaign.  Is Walker now beholden to them, and is that part of the reason he is so opposed to the $800 million for a high-speed train between Madison and Milwaukee that will hook-up with a national high-speed rail system?  Can you justify losing $800 million already allocated for this project?  The federal government has clearly stated that money cannot be used for roads.  Can we just throw away the railroad-building jobs?  How will you explain that to the people, as other states are using that money and will put them ahead of Wisconsin in using this rail system to foster their economy?  Are you comfortable in carrying out the right-wing agenda in the face of what it will cost politically in specific states?   Might this serve to drive Wisconsin farther behind in the U.S. economy?

10. It is one thing to make broad and bold statements against healthcare reform that was passed.  It is another to bring about equal healthcare reform that has been demanded since Republican President Theodore Roosevelt's time.  What are your specific plans?  Nothing thus far proposed that is different from current healthcare reform comes close to truly reforming this system.  Or are you going to rely on a platform full of lies and exaggerations that you used during the recent elections?  How specifically will you do that?  Even the current reform gives favors to insurance corporations, will you give them MORE favors? 

11. How will you specifically promote alternative energy uses without negatively affecting the environment

Those are some things facing the new legislative majority.  You promised big things.  You made sweeping promises.  People from the left and the right are expecting you to deliver.  Give the public some specifics.  You immediately put President Obama on the clock when he was elected.  We are now expecting you to begin improvements immediately.  The clock is ticking.  Both the right and the left are waiting for specifics and results.  And let the right-wing have the floor here to make their case SPECIFICALLY.

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