National government derivatives.

Say Lenny:


It's occurred to me that if the Federal Government were in situation where it could sell off all of its interest in Federal highways, airports, water ports, the buildings that it owns and all the national parks all the things that it owns, wouldn't it be well on its way to pay off the debt. That's a lot of capital.


I wonder what Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Alaska and all of the Louisiana purchase lands are worth today? That should be in the trillions and trillions. 


If we were to collect the value of all that land from the states that the national government once gave them, we'd more than be able to pay for the national debt. So if we have capital equal to more that what our debt is, aren't we doing pretty well?


Fifty million dollars for Alaska, what would that be worth today if we sold it back to Russia, quite a number of Russian oil fields, eh?


All we need to do is collect for unpaid income taxes and loop hole gains from the extravagantly rich and get paid back for all the earmarks to the various States, especially in those States that want to secede from the union, we'd have plenty of money. Make them pay their way out.


There are things like getting paid back for the Marshall Plan and many of international funding schemes after WWII. If we could find a way to turn all of this into derivatives, the national government would be rich.


All we need is someone with brains, perhaps from Wall Street to give us a new approach to our accounting system so that we really knew what we are worth. Derivatives--that seems the way to go.


What do the politicians know?


What do you think, Lenny?



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