Democratic government. The role of the parties.

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The Republican party of Lincoln is morphing into the Tea Party.  What is the Democratic party of Jefferson morphing into?


The new Republican party has more visibly started to become the party of limited government, limited spending and limited taxation.


The Democratic party is becoming one of mixture of business and government and the expansion of the role of each in role of  the other.


Therefore it can be said that one is the party of reduction and the other quite the opposite, the party of expansion. Reduction and expansion when confronted with each other produce either impasse or blowup


One party looks hazily to the past and the other mistily toward the future. Both parties together represent less than half of the people qualified to vote and a minority of adults.


When one is in power or dominates both elected functions of national government, it may represent perhaps about one-fourth of the voting public.


So we are a government elected and ruled by minority interests that cannot be claimed to be those of the majority nor what is often referred to as the will of the American people. It is often wrongly said, “that the Americans or the American people  have spoken.”


One minority attempting to build on its perspective of the past, the other minority on a perspective of the future . Neither possessing the clearest vision of goal or direction. The rather regular succession of power moves us in one way at one time and then in another at another time, all based on theory of reality.


Therefore this is the type of government that we are caught up in, our type of democratic process.


And there you have it.   Make what you will of this knowledge.  Contribution of your thoughts are appreciated.


Good day and good luck.



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