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If I were one inclined to act emotionally more than intellectually, I would be “mad as hell” as our President returns from his overseas trip.


The rest of the world wants to take from America and not give an inch. Perhaps the rest of the world needs a good shaking up. If I were a politically thinking man and “mad as hell” perhaps I'd want to start a far left Coffee Bag party.


I think this is what the Coffee Party movement should stand for. It should first of all stand for reduction of imports from the rest of the world. The Coffee Party should immediately advocate the reduction of importing all products and services from the rest of the world by 10% for next year, 2011 and other 10% import reduction in year 2012.


This would include all countries, specifically India, Germany, China, South Korea and Japan as the main ones. Let's start by decreasing the importation of foreign cars by placing a 10% tax on the retail price of foreign cars entering the country and all other products entering the country.


If most of the parts of products are made here then the tax would not apply.


We need the 10% tax for beginning to reduce our debt so that's where we'd apply the receipts. We've been building up debts by helping the rest of the world and as they are not in any mood to cooperate with us, we should begin getting some of our money back. Let's see how this begins to change their mood.


We should also put an additional 10% tax on all products coming from abroad made by American companies who have moved away from us. We should publicly announce the names of these companies, list their products and work toward avoiding their sale of products here.


The “I'm as mad as hell” Coffee Party should also advocate 10% coupons issued by the government for all products and services in this country comparable to those made my American companies abroad to encourage the creation of JOBS here.


We should subsidize new companies that compete with all companies that have decided to hire people abroad instead of here. Jobs, Jobs. Jobs in America. We should repeal all legislation and all forms of government encouragement of out-resourcing.


On the military front, the Coffee Party should in addition to all present plans to reduce military abroad advocate reduction of all these forces by 10% per year for the next 5 years.


This would send another type of message. We should then take those savings and apply those to debt reduction and to finding ways of improving the efficiency of our military abroad. Any businesses here  that may be negatively affected by any of these policies should be supported in whatever way possible.


In the beginning the two main goals of the Coffee Party are to support these policies in the interest of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs here in this country and to gain revenue for strengthening our national financial position by reducing our debt and by use of funds gained from these policies for these purposes.


The Tea Party, the far right party may find things in common with the Coffee Party, the party wanting to influence the government from the far left. How about that? These thoughts seem to be reducing my level of anger already.


I've always had negative feelings about ideas of globalism based on rather flimsy business notions and rather thoughtless business principles not in the American interests.   So how about it, is it Coffee time, Coffee Party time?


So there you have it for this morning. Any mad feelings about global economics? Perhaps more concentration on our problems at home and less abroad might change the attitudes of those abroad. This is of course all in fun . . .


But any more angry thoughts out there?



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