The Future for Milwaukee County

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When Scott Walker was elected governor earlier this month, it was a sign that the majority of the electorate would be looking forward to a new era of fiscal responsibility the government.

On the other hand, it leaves a void in the leadership of Milwaukee County government. Walker came into Milwaukee County government after Tom Ament and his gang of thieves decided to use the county treasury as her own piggy bank. And no matter how much money was in there, they would take out $1 million each. After this plan was approved by a majority of very stupid and very selfish supervisors would also benefit from this plan, it was exposed to the general public. And years before the tea party was even thought of, taxpayers were faulted by removing these very stupid and very selfish supervisors from office and Tom Ament resigned.

Under the leadership of Scott Walker, tax-and-spend liberals did their own version of grass-roots protesting. They argued again and again that the transportation system in this county was falling apart. The routes were being cut and people could not go to work. In the meantime, new buses were bought, routes with low ridership were cut, and the self-reliant went to work. But tax-and-spend lefties also complained that the parks are falling apart. They were in such shambles, yet they still received awards for being great parks. How is that explained? I guess fiscal responsibility shows a week and still have great parks without having to overspend and waste a lot of taxpayer money.

But now with Walker about to resign, who is going to take over? Lee Holloway is no leader. He has been exposed multiple times as a slumlord in the city of Milwaukee. How will that translate into executive leadership? It's clear he'll grab all the power and money he can get and try to hang on to all he can glom on to. Does he believe in servant leadership? Surely I jest.

Who will be the candidates for Milwaukee County executive? It seems like all the candidates other than Scott Walker in past Milwaukee County executive elections were determined to spend more money and collect more taxes. Having noticed that that the solid tax base in Milwaukee County leaves Milwaukee County? How many residents in Waukesha County or Ozaukee County wish that they lived in Milwaukee County? Not too many.

Making Milwaukee County a welfare magnet and a high tax county is not going to attract residents or employers. We don't need higher property taxes. We don't need a higher sales tax in this county. It has been proved that this county can be led and governed effectively without annual hikes in property and sales taxes. Can this be continued? Yes it can if we continue with the right kind of leadership.

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