$700 billion into Social Security


I was visiting with Lenny today.


He indicated that now while we are talking about serious modifications of Social Security, a system that is of significance especially to the middle and lower classes that we should combine that discussion with the suggested tax relief of $700 billion dollars to the extravagantly rich.


What he actually said was, “put that $700 billion into the Social Security fund.” What a simply astute idea. Only Lenny could be so wise.


It occurred to me that that is a good idea, after all both parties have raided that fund over the decades and not replaced it. Taking money away; I believe is stealing or is it merely money-changing in the temple?.


Sounds like an excellent idea, Lenny. It's a good compromise. Cut taxes for everyone but  put the $700 billion portion, the upper 2%in the Social Security Fund.   


Now that would be the right thing to do. That's rational. That would be in the public interest. The rich don't need it but the SS fund does. 


Both parties, do recall this commandment, “Thou shalt not steal”. This is one way of giving the money back, a recompense to all of those who have paid into it and our children and grandchildren who will continue to pay into the Social Security fund. in the future.


Now that's a good thing. Think of it as an excellent compromise.  It will also make the fund viable again for some years.


Now there you have it. How do we respond to this proposition?



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