Who Gives a Toot?

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There is little Governor Jim Doyle needs to do from now until January to further his assurance that he is the worst governor in Wisconsin history. There is no better example of this than the half fast train that he wants to build between Milwaukee and Madison. In an 11th move, the governor realized that Tom Barrett was not going to win the election for governor. And being the shyster that he is, Governor Doyle decided to seal the deal with contractors to spend the money and start construction before anyone could stop it. Hopefully it would get to a point where it would cost about $100 million from the state taxpayers to pay it back if construction was stopped. So why did we elect this guy twice? He clearly does not have the best interest of the citizens of Wisconsin in mind. Like any real Democrat, he's only concerned about himself.

There can be no better example of what's wrong with government today than taking a look at this half fast train between Milwaukee and Madison. How many people commute from Milwaukee to Madison or the other way around on a daily basis? There seems to be no hard numbers. Even the people who support this train, cannot come up with some numbers of harmony cars that will take off the road. They cannot come up with any numbers on how many people will ride the train. Yet we're supposed to want this thinking that it is progress for the 21st century.

The train is being paid for by federal money that has been generously given to us by the stimulus plan of Barack Obama. This of course means that it is money that we don't have and we will need to borrow and tax from future generations. How thoughtful. And of course, the end result is that it is going to produce a shortfall is going to require your general tax subsidies by the citizens of this state who do not write the train and those costs will go on forever. As has really been thought out?

This is also being sold to us as a jobs plan. In business, if a project is being considered, analysis would be done to see if there would be enough ridership and revenue coming in that would warrant this project. At some point, we would want to arrive at a breakeven point or perhaps even make a profit. A selfish and as evil as that seems, that's how business is done.

Well government is not business. They are not going to look for breakeven point, because they know that the taxpayers will have to subsidize it. There is no other way. And that makes Democrats happy whenever they can raise taxes. And some Republicans too. Then they try to sell it to us as a jobs program. All the money being spent, will put some people to work. This is supposed to make us happy knowing full well that even if higher taxes are coming, the jobs are more than worth it. That's how government thinks.

If there's one thing that the last two years have taught us, is that there is not an unlimited amount of money that governments can spend and the people will be happy as a result of all the spending. We tried it and it did not work. The time has come for all levels of government to get their fiscal house in order. The sooner this is done, the better.

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