Republican Sweep of State Government Bad Luck for Walker and Local Officials

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I can only imagine that on election night when Scott Walker realized he had won the WI governorship he was elated............. who wouldn't be.

On the other hand, when he realized that the Republicans were making a Clean Sweep and winning both houses of the Legislature --- he may have realized the meaning of "getting what you want -- hard and fast".

As County Executive, Walker always had a ready made excuse for everything --- he blamed the County Supervisors.

And when he submitted budget after budget that was not sustainable, the County Supervisors were there to adjust the budget mid-stream, and maintain a semblance of responsible government in Milwaukee County.

After the County Board would adjust the budget to deal with the realities of the responsiblities Milwaukee County has to pay for, and the reality of exactly what revenues were really coming in (and not the pie in the sky revenues Walker always projected) -- Walker would use the need budget as the threshold for his "no new taxes" promise --- which apparently was a promise he could not keep from the first budget cycle when he made the promise. 

But now Walker is going to be under the gun for performing as promised.  Since the Democrats are in the minority in both houses --- Walker is going to have to try to cash the checks his mouth wrote while campaigning.

Already there is controversey as to whether Walker will keep his promise to deep six the high speed rail line --- if he and the Republicans do that, there are about 5,000 jobs that will not be created for the builiding of the rail infrastructure, and the Spanish train builder is making noise about abandoning their Milwaukee factory for building the trains --- and putting a hundred some jobs in some other state where the elected officials value trains --- several states are already asking for the $810 Million dollars from the Federal Government for builidng the high speed rail,  that Walker wants to turn away.

This will be true for all the Republicans in the State Assembly and Senate as well --- there is no opposition to their grandiose plans to downsize state government, and give tax breaks to the corporations and wealthy.

If Walker and the Republicans can not make good on all their promises, it may be a blessing for Obama in 2012, in the next election cycle.  The voters have shown they have NO patience in seeing results from promises made.

Of particular interest for all the local governments is whether they will have to raise property taxes.  With all the tax cuts the Republicans want to give to corporations and the wealthiest --- there will not be enough revenue to continue the state's support of local school districts and governments --- which may mean they will have to raise property taxes to continue their services.


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