High Tech sewers.


High Tech Sewers.


Both Siemens and GE are developing sewer systems and system components that most citizens and perhaps officials of Shorewood have not even heard of.


My look into high tech systems has resulted in a new perspective for solving community drainage and waste water disposal.


GE and Siemens are working at the cutting edge of sewer systems and waste water treatment. They could also work with us in developing financing programs for these purposes.


I believe that we should be in contact with both these firms to determine as to how they may help us in designing the most up to date system. Some systems initiate preliminary treatment of waste water as it leaves the home and enters the system.


Funding for a separated facility that sends cleaner water and less of it to the treatment plant can be subsidized by both our metropolitan agency and the national government.


This would perhaps cut a required 60 million dollar investment for a totally new system for Shorewood to half that amount with appropriate subsidies.


Gravity flow is the only thing that new systems have in common with our ancient 100 year old sewers.


Let's move forward 100 years to the technologies available to us today.


A Shorewood Drainage Advisory Commission could be focusing on all these matters and advising Shorewood on how to urgently proceed with the best system and perhaps with the most up to date facility in the world.


I don't think that a shrinking number of citizens attending public meetings together with our officials are going to come up with the specialized knowledge and technical decisions required.


We need the constant attention and emphasis on this single problem of drainage in Shorewood that a small group appointed for this purpose can initially bring on a daily basis at first. Our officials have other things to deal with such as the budget and tax revenues at the present time for example.


Sewers will become secondary for the moment. A commission can keep constant focus and centralize our efforts toward producing the best sewer system on a daily basis.


Well, there you have it. Good day and good luck. And of course, my best for the day to you, Lenny.

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