Urgent action. Increasing sewer capacity.



It's been almost four months since our heavy rains of July and the unhealthy basement backups that many Shorewood and Whitefish Bay residents experienced.


And as the oldsters used say. “there's been much water under the bridge since then.” (Pun intended).


In about another four months, it is not unlikely that we shall again begin seeing some early spring rains.


April, May, June and July follow, and then there's August and even September. Let's pray that we'll be spared the rain pattern of this year. A better spread would help.  Will we be better prepared on the ground or in the ground this time?


I hope that we can come up with some dramatic announcement of a dramatic solution to our sewer capacity problem.


It seems that only a small group is involved in dealing with this problem although there are others within the village the could be brought in.


Never the less, it seems that even the summer months of next year will be taken up in study and very little done in physical terms of eliminating basement backups.


Slow motion is for long term problems. Rapid and wise decisions are required for more URGENT ones.


And if only for our reputation, we need a dramatic announcement rather soon as to what we're going to do to solve the problem. 


I think that we could better pin point responsibility while bringing more citizens in by establishing a Drainage Advisory Commission.  And we should do that farily soon. 


Probably 5 members appointed by the president with the chair directly responsible to the village president.    What do you think.


Again good day and good luck.



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