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This afternoon I was visiting Leonardo, Lenny, a name that some of you have begun calling him and I brought up a subject that had been discussed in a recent article that I had read in Discovery Magazine.


It was a version of Genesis, that life may have begun in space and was sprinkled onto our planet over some millions of years since its beginning.


Leonardo agreed strongly but did not elaborate. I was intrigued by the notion and was quite taken by it when I first heard of it several years ago. I was not surprised that Lenny also agreed. I'm finding that we both have a lot to agree on.


I mentioned this to a number of guys that I have lunch with once a week and the most outspoken one there said, “of course, God is the universe, so where else would life come from?”


The manner in which scientists are seeking proof of this has caught my interest. This is a notion that some believe in without hard proof and is a notion that is perfectly agreeable with them.


It is a sort of faith. Perhaps very much like the faith that millions have in their religions. And I have developed a faith in Leonardo's wisdom and am fascinated that he is willing to share it with me. I don't know that perhaps he also shares his wisdom with others as well.

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