Once again the system of political change functioned properly in the United States without a shot being fired.  This is the third President in a row who experienced a political upheaval from the other party on a mid-term election.  But this one was truly major.  I liked the observation made in the conservative "National Review" in which this election summary was presented as the proverbial dog that caught the automobile ...now what?  Indeed, now what?

The President will now focus more on foreign policy where he will have more of his own authority in tact.  The Republicans in the House of Representatives, especially the Speaker, will claim each time they do not get carte blanche that we must remember that it is the President who sets the agenda.  Early on, there will be the usual calls for cooperation "by the other side."  The Senate will develop its own atmosphere where some old hands prevailed, the tea party has not been as successful, and there will remain more experiece among the membership.

I shall keep this blog offering brief so that my readers will have a chance to offer their own comments on this election.  Have at it...remembering to use civility, please.

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