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The midterm election has finally arrived. It may be the one time, every couple of years, when the voice of the citizen, the voice of the voter is finally heard. If it counts, well, that's another story.

The midterm election is generally a referendum on the first half of a presidential term. And, although the Obama administration would like to think all supplies, this year it's also true. What is the message being sent?

Even the mainstream media along with all the lefties on CNN and MSNBC are conceding that the Republicans will make large gains. But what are we voting on? Obama administration policies? The economy? Jobs? Will it be the end of the Democrat stronghold on their policies of tax, spend, and bailout? The amount of Democrat losses may give us some insight or it may just lead to a lot of spin.

America has a lot of reason to refute the policies of the Obama administration. Being fed up with the Bush administration, the majority of the electorate elected Obama and the Democrats to bring America back to prosperity from what they now call the great recession. But instead of doing that, the Obama administration and the Democrats have prolonged this great recession. According to government figures, the recession was over in June of 2009. Why doesn't it feel like the recession is over? Where are the jobs? Where is the recovery? After almost a year and a half of being in the so-called recovery, why are we still talking about getting out of this recession?

The Democrats were elected to solve the problems. Instead, they gave us excuses. It's all Bush's fault. It's too hard. The Democrats are in over their head. Democrats and shout unpopular pieces of legislation down our throats believing that we would like it. We did not.

President Obama has clearly demonstrated he does not have the character that America needs in a president. The spec and honor again needs to be restored to the presidency. How can anyone take seriously a president who appears on Comedy Central one night, and then expects to be taken seriously when a national crisis surfaces? A real leader would know the difference.

But President Obama was supposed to be the president of unity. Bringing people together. We have become polarized during the Bush administration and least need to be brought back together as a country. Instead, the Obama administration has done the opposite. We are more polarized than ever before. Speaking to a minority group as a minority group, the president says that the voters need to punish their enemies and reward their friends. What is that supposed to mean? President Obama has never really demonstrated that he wants to be president of all Americans. He still has that community organizer mentality that shows his lack of maturity and demonstrates his vision of America as being a bunch of downtrodden people in class warfare with a few rich people who own all the toys. It's time to stop pretending.

As a president who seemed to be so concerned about the environment, he has not hesitated once when it comes time to fire up Air Force One and jet across the country making a bunch of stump speeches for a bunch of Democrats who are ultimately going to lose on Tuesday. The pure selfish attitude of this goes beyond hypocrisy when the common citizen is being treated like a serf to be made feel guilty about climate change and global warming. What kind of vision does the president hold for his constituency?

To borrow a phrase from the supporters of the health care reform bill, this is just the first step. Now comes the responsibility of putting the just made promises into action-controlling spending, controlling taxes, limiting government, and bringing real hope to the citizens of this country again. The last time we voted for hope, we certainly got shortchanged.

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