Statues that text.



No one is going to believe this except that it's Halloween, but Lenny has actually responded to one my questions. But his first communication was his reaction to his name. He said he preferred Leonardo, but as Len or Lenny could be considered as a nick name that was all right.


Have you readers understood what I just said? Lenny or Leonardo was exchanging words with me. We were communicating. You won't believe this of course. How did he do it. This is the fantastic thing.


His form is made up alphabetic letters. As I stood there, I saw some of the letters illuminating ever so slightly. They seemed to do this to catch my attention. Then I realized that he was texting me through his own physical make up, the letters that give form to his body were spelling out words. I can read him now. What magic!


That's all I'm going to say about this matter, as it is Halloween.  I don't believe that any of you could really take any more of this for the moment. Just let this sink in for now. I know how excited I became. At first, I thought that I should keep it to myself. Everyone is going to think - - -.   It's  that of course, that it's just Halloween.  But it's so exciting that I have to burst it out.


So there you have it, Dena, on Halloween. Good night and good luck.  (Guy, tell Dena to read this, she'll be happy about the "there you have it" thing.)

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