*It appears that there will be the usual mid-term election result on Tuesday.  Whether it will be a landslide, remains to be seen.  But as attention has been brewing and hyping, anything short of the Republicans taking back both houses of Congress will seem tame indeed.  As Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell has openly stated, "I see my job to prevent Obama from being re-elected."  Hmmm.  That seems a rather strange objective.  If it is seen as an acceptable one, then we are in for a rocky two more years of Republicans blocking any legislation from going forward if it is supported by the President of the United States.  To hold the U.S. hostage by its own elected officials is indeed a sort of treason.  But polarization in American politics has become a sort of Halloween horror.  We can do better than this.  But it depends on an informed electorate.  Good luck on that.

*It is interesting to note Karl Rove's ongoing criticism of Sarah Palin.  Rove, always a sinister figure, seems to have broken ranks from many Republicans and tea-partiers.  Wrong.  Rove is looking out for himself.  He makes his living as an extreme right-wing consultant.  Palin represents a threat to his business.  And American politics is becoming more and more about business.  Everything is for sale in American politics, including one's long-standing political party affiliation.  It is Rove's way or the highway...or better...it is Rove's way of making money or it is no way.

*The tea party phenomenon is not a sign of renewed American patriotism.  The tea party represents a major shift in how people view their own nation.  Contrary to common belief, the tea party movement represents a definite change in the way people show their loyalty [or disloyalty] to the United States of America.  When the U.S. was attacked on December 7, 1941 Americans rushed to support the government [and their nation] by increasing taxes, eagerly accepting a military draft, rationing of food and gasoline, government control of housing and rent, and many personal and business activities.  When the U.S. was attacked on 9-11, people began to make up lists of things they would NOT do for the U.S.  Among them: no military draft,  no taxes, and no sacrifices.  Individuals did make personal sacrifices, but many of those sacrifices were because of a manipulated PR program to support war corporations and personal American greed.  And we hired private military corporations to run much of the war.  The flight from support of the U.S. government has been promoted and equated with doing what the right-wing wants.  Americans have been herded and manipulated to think that it is OK to sacrifice others' lives, sacrifice jobs, sacrifice health, sacrifice the middle class on the alter of war and greed...and to see themselves as loyal Americans in the process.  My, how times have changed! 

*Recently the results of a long study of German archives and previously secret documents from Nazi Germany, have shown us exactly how involved were top officials in the government, how much was known about the Jewish extermination plans, how  war and greed industries were given very special favors, and how concerned was the right-wing Nazi government to extinguish communism at all costs...all costs.  The German people were led to believe that supporting the right-wing was the way to help the common man and woman.  Extermination of Jews, gypsies, immigrants, Slavs, Muslims, gays, etc. was considered a part of the plan.  A pure, loyal, patriotic German nation was considered the way to go.  And obedience to  big corporations was the path to prosperity.  That looks like a spooky tale of the U.S.today.  We are now following a path here that expresses vicious feelings toward immigrants, gays, Muslims, minorities, labor unions, etc.  And today we have been encouraged to wage war, glorify the military, give war corporations and big business free reign, fight against taxes, and rants about "taking back"  the  government.    Today, as in Nazi Germany, a fear of socialism and communism has been injected into the manipulated minds of Americans.  Any program that serves poor and middle class people is now labeled socialistic.  America is falling farther and farther behind social democracies in northern Europe in education, healthcare, welfare, happiness, life expectancy, etc.  And taxes are never OK, and big corporations write the tax-loophole laws just as in Nazi Germany.  Are we too late to wake up to our diminishing democracy and moving toward a plutocracy that rewards big business at the expense of the majority of Americans?  The similarities to Nazi Germany are startling.  More and more history reveals the turn away from democracy and a healthy middle class in America.                

*Dick Cheney's famous company, Halliburton, has once again been charged with horrible conduct.  The BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico is being laid partially at the feet of Halliburton.  On 3 of 4 tests of Halliburton concrete for the well, it was found to be faulty; yet they went ahead and used it in that well.   Faulty practices is a seond name for Halliburton.  They will deny everything, just as they did in Iraq when they somehow "misplaced" accounting for billions of dollars.  I'm guessing that when the contracts that Halliburton signed with BP are released to a court, Halliburton will find a way to try and weasal out of it.  They were not faced with that dilemma with Bush-Cheney, because they got their many billions of dollars of business in Iraq without bidding; a contract was unnecessary, though competitors complained.

*Take a second breath and steel yourself.  Having no class or civility, the election results will be celebrated on Tuesday and Wednesday by a selfish group of puppets who have been duped to serve and support greed and war corporations.  This is still a democracy, and we must honor the good with the bad.  As Lombardi used to say: "When you get to the end zone, act as though you've been there before."  The right-wing will do their low-class dance.

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