Pondering man. Pondering woman.



Airplanes are flying over at pre-landing speeds this early Tuesday morning.  Winds predicted.


Their rather regular and slow humming sound seems to indicate some anxiety and their want to land and to precede the strong and sustained winds  forecast for today and tomorrow. There goes a private plane seemingly hurrying in to land.


And Lenny, I'm thinking of you out there alone and exposed to all sorts of weather. There will be a lot of cars passing by so you won't be alone. The people in them will be saluting you, there in all your strength.


Something to ponder, Lenny, as you view the world there at the lake and even past the earth, don't you think it strange that humanity should have thrived and made its home on this rather hostile planet?


Our predication of windy weather seems to be a very advanced way of accommodating to earth's seemingly wanting to warn us off this place. And yet in our accommodation we seem to love her, especially when she is more peaceful and friendly and often even affectionate. But we are often on her dangerous edge.


I'm willing to flow with her as she faces the danger of the hostile universe. I suppose we could not have made it any place else. We are of the earth. We are dust and into the earth we shall return as dust. Dust blowing in the wind and a great deal of dust shall blow through you today, Lenny.


The wind will bring you further knowledge and remember Lenny, that you are steal and you shall not become dust. But even steel becomes.


You are a perfect example of pondering man, not having to listen if you don't want. I believe pondering is a form of play, a kind of sport, as perhaps art is. It seems that your father, Juame, made you more of a man-like figure than woman-like. Why?


Do men like the sport of pondering more than women.  So is pondering not as serious work although it appears serious?  Is it more playful, containing less responsibility and not a continuous acceptance of reality?


Is it that other sculptures have been traditionally of men pondering?  How would you have looked there as a pensive woman rather than a pensive man or are you really neither but in the perspective of the viewer?


There you have it, Lenny.  Perhaps some day you can tell us what's it all about?

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