Climatologists to the Left of me. . .

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I did not know that there were so many climatologists in the country today. There seems to be quite a concentration of them even here in southeastern Wisconsin. They all seem to know quite a bit about global warming and how higher taxes will solve the problem.

Lefties on a pundit show last week were amazed that there are only 14% of the people in the Tea party I believe in global warming. They were astonished that it was that low, and I was equally astonished that it was that high. Did people forget about climate gate already? Are people aware of how weak their arguments actually are? If they believe they are being backed up by science.

If the science was true, why does it have to keep getting a new name? First it was global warming. Then it was climate change. Then it was climate change caused by man. Next it was climate change caused by man as an interruption. Or something like that. What's next? Geo-flatulence?

After seeing what the Democrats did with taking unpopular bills and shoving them down our throats, the ministrations certainly cannot be trusted to show national interest with Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade is not about saving the earth. It is about raising taxes to finance the overspending that is being done in this country. After the November election, a lame duck session of Congress is going to look for more ways to raise quick money to feed their uncontrollable urge to spend money. It's money we do not have which will add to a deficit and national debt that we cannot sustain.

Cap and Trade is not about creating green jobs. It is about subsidizing a few friends of the administration will only venture out into capitalism when they know that their risk is going to be socialized. It would be just like the bailouts only the money will go to the owners of the company before they are on the brink of bankruptcy.

Cap and Trade is not about creating jobs. Everything going through Congress now days is listed as recovery or job creation. It works like everything else the administration is done, unemployment will be around 10% for a long time to come. Maybe in 2013 or next president will be able to do something that will actually create jobs and bring the country to real economic recovery without continually blaming the previous administration and thinking that it's too hard. Obama is in over his head. The job of being president is beyond his skill level.

Anyone who supports Cap and Trade thinks they're better than everybody else. They think they pollute less, and recycle more. They're also quick to point out how foolish it is for someone to think differently from what they do. All the climatologists seem to poke fun at Ron Johnson because he believes that global warming is due more to Sun activity in the activity of man. Well, to all of those people who refute Johnson's opinion all have a degree in climatology? Watching Al Gore's movie does not qualify anyone to be an expert. There is a difference between political opinion and actual science. If the armchair climatologists would recognize this, they might be a little smarter than what they now think they are.

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