Is The Election Over Yet?

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This started out to be an interesting election cycle. It was going to be the resurgence of the conservative. It was going to be a referendum on Obama. It was going to be a wavy election. It was going to have surprise results. But as we get closer to election day, it could be turning out like everything else-full of apathy and disgust.

What started out as the return of the conservative and true fiscal hawk is turning into status quo. The true issues are being ignored again as candidates spend their money on muckraking, character assassination, and mudslinging. I was once excited about going to the polls this November. Now I'm wondering if I should even bother. For each office there seems to be a candidate who is only out to further his own self-interest. Another candidate is dishonest and will use public money to better his own standard. One candidate is dumb and the other results every time they open their mouth it becomes gaffe after gaffe. Which office and I talking about? It doesn't matter-they're all the same.

People used to say that if you did not vote, he did not have a right to complain about that office. But it's turned out just the opposite. If you don't vote, you have every right to complain because you can't devote to put whatever turkey is in any given office. It doesn't matter. They're all stupid. They're all crooked.

There was even a push several years ago to increase the salaries of elected officials with the thought behind it being that he would get a better quality candidate to make it worth their while. What actually happened? Get a bunch of dumb dumb dummies that have more money to throw around. And that's not even counting the taxpayer money that they will be wasting on what ever fits their whim.

All the negative advertising has turned me off again. With expected low voter turnouts, how can we even fathom that the majority rules? Even in the republican form of government, are the right people selecting the best elected officials? Of course they're not. When the soldiers fighting for this country are not to have a ballot that is counted, yet corrupt individuals will be able to vote twice for a system that supports their way voting, it all becomes a sham.

Of course we know that taxes will not be going down. We would be making great progress if they did not go up. Yet governments are not going to stop wasting money. We are not going to pull back on any spending. We'll just stick it to the taxpayer. Taxes and fees will go up, deductible expenses will go down. Year after year candidates claim that they are going to Washington or Madison and change the way that business is done there. After two years, the same arguments are made.

There was a recent story talking about how Ron Johnson or Russ Feingold are going to go to the Senate and give the country a new direction. Well, if Russ Feingold has been in office for 18 years, what was he doing? Now he's going to lead America in the right direction? It's completely unbelievable given how ineffective he's been in his three terms as United States senator.

The big issue this year is where is all the special interest money coming from? When it comes from unions, it's darn good politics. If it comes from the Chamber of Commerce, it's a fascist conspiracy. Perhaps the lawmakers could change the way elections are financed. Oh, wait. We had Russ Feingold push through his Feingold McCain act. How effective was that? Being declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and details at all. Russ Feingold has no idea what the Constitution is about. I will explain his votes on the stimulus, Obama care, and all his other votes that were in lockstep with the Democratic Party.

But he's independent.

In an organization like the Senate, you need over 50 votes and many times 60 to get something done, when non conforming thinking he's doing the world some good by doing nothing is not being very effective.  I'm tired of his commercials and I'm certainly not going to vote for Russ Feingold. I cannot make that mistake again. He's not taking Wisconsin forward but he may approve my message.

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