I may disagree but defend your right to say it.

Public officials and staff service.

I grew up in family with three other male siblings and we were encouraged to talk politics, economics and foreign affairs at dinner time. Now I know that two of us would be classified as liberals and two as conservative.

Sometimes discussions got pretty hot. The youngest of us were still developing and solidifying our views. We never held back nor did we have to be too diplomatic. Those early days were days of depression and talk of future war in Europe and and in the Pacific and the days of Father Coughlin, radio politician of the thirties.

As brothers, we respected each other's views and never had to apologize for anything we said as each of us were confident of our positions, often overlapping and had to defend each of our perspectives. We loved each other and could do anything for one another. I miss my three brothers today.

This introduction because I appeared before the Shorewood Village Board on Monday of this week to give my view on the urgency of solving our sewer problem here. It reminded me of my earlier days. Each of the members of the Board felt strongly about their views as did I and we were respectful to one another.

We promised to talk more and set our next date for November 4th, a public meeting on sewers. I had a sense of gratefulness and high regard for each of the members for putting in so much time in the interest of the community and I personally want to thank each of them for that at this moment.

I thought of all the political arguments that I engaged in with my brothers and we respected each other and each others views. I've always thought that if I were on the Board, the vote would more often be 6 to 1 and I'd be that one. But I don't respect the members any less because I disagree with their policies at times and as I continue to make many of the political sounds that politicians do.

But on Monday, I realized that I owe all of you, each of you on the Board my thanks, otherwise who would I have to argue with? And my thanks to our police force and their families who were celebrated there on Monday.

And I want to give you my thanks publicly now before we engage in our next argument. Thank you, Trustees and staff members for serving our community.

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